In my 35 years of being an athlete to some degree, and 15 of being a specialist in movement in the fitness and sporting world, Stephanie Fish is by far the most knowledgeable person who has worked on me. She has an understanding of the body and is educated far beyond one, or two, or even three modalities to treat someone. She incorporates more techniques and understanding into the body than anyone else I’ve worked with.”

Brian MacKenzie
Author; Power Speed Endurance
Creator of CrossFit Endurance

“Stephanie Fish is one of my favorite teachers and therapists. In my personal experience with many other therapists, teachers, and trainers over the last 30 years, as well as having spent a personal fortune on various treatments, workshops, retreats, and personal training, I can affirm that Stephanie is in that special top one percentile of excellent body care professionals. There is no doubt in my mind that Stephanie will be a “teacher’s teacher” in any field she chooses as time goes on because she encompasses a humble student mind, a mastery of complicated and in-depth knowledge of science and human nature, and an affection and warmth to soothe any soul.”

Barbie B.

“I have worked with many personal trainers and physical therapists over the years, but I cannot remember one who presented things quite so clearly and was so open to feedback and discussion. She is very knowledgeable about biomechanics and alignment issues and has educated me a great deal. Stephanie helped me develop a greater awareness of the imbalances in my body and which “tools” would help a particular area of discomfort. She is always able to suggest a modification if one is necessary due to my limitations, and for most of the exercises she is able to provide some form of drawing or photograph which helps assure that I’m doing something right when I am on my own. Equally important to me is the fact that she has a very easy, comfortable manner and a good sense of humor. Stephanie is encouraging and positive – and a pleasure to work with.”

Linda S.

Over the years Stephanie’s approach to healing has helped me beyond measure. Her methodology always goes straight to the source, treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Every session with her has given me immediate relief and conspicuous change, both physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking evident and lasting improvement in their well-being. She’s truly one of a kind!”


“Stephanie is knowledgeable, patient, understanding and a very good teacher. I have benefited greatly from working with her.”

Judy F.

“In December 2008 I received the devastating diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer, and Stephanie has been a beacon of light for me through major surgery and chemotherapy. She has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. Her healing, soothing touch distracted me from post-surgery pain. Even her presence was a great comfort. She made me laugh and enjoy life again, and helped me find ways to cope with the side effects of chemo. Stephanie is a fantastic resource for information on non-traditional and adjunctive therapies. I have chosen to follow my oncologist’s treatment plan for the acute phase of this disease, but have also made lifestyle changes (encouraged by Stephanie) which I believe to be my best chance for a healthy future. Stephanie’s input has been invaluable. She truly has a gift for helping and healing.”

Nancy F.

“Some years ago I used to be a hiker and lived on the fifth floor of a walk-up. A few years ago I realized my walking was becoming difficult, possibly due to chemotherapy. It became worse and worse until I was walking flat-footed. Finally I began going to neurologists. They informed me that the nerves in my legs were dead. This was almost two years ago and they still don’t know the cause. I had to face the fact that I had best look into assisted living a few years ahead, and possibly a wheelchair. By chance I met someone who had worked with Stephanie because her arm had caused her so much pain. Now the arm is fine. When I decided I had nothing to lose, I gave her a call. I can honestly say that my walking has improved, as well as my balance, which was also bad. Thoughts of assisted living are on the back burner and a wheelchair isn’t on the radar.”

Ann P.

“I signed up for the body alignment class that Stephanie leads because I’d had a number of ongoing fitness issues: my hips were often sore and I had recurring pain in my shoulder that resulted in limited range of motion. It hurt to get up after sitting too long and an uninterrupted night’s sleep was impossible. I had visited a chiropractor for these problems but a week or so after an adjustment the pain would return. That’s when I met Stephanie. The first meeting of the class sold me. Stephanie was very knowledgeable on the workings of the body, and more important, she knew what exercises would help. Her manner is respectful and patient. She has those skills that are so difficult to teach. She knows when to push, when to encourage, when to wait for us to catch up. I know that her class is helping my body heal. I am sleeping much better, and the pain in my hips and shoulder is almost gone. Although I am now retired, I spent much of my working life as a school administrator evaluating teachers. I would rate Stephanie right up there with the best teachers I have known. Her knowledge of body alignment seems limitless and she does a superb job of balancing the different personalities and physical strengths and weaknesses of the class members. Most of all, she is a kind and caring person. It is obvious that she is passionate about what she does: helping her clients achieve maximum physical health. I recommend her highly.”

Nancy R.

“I highly recommend Stephanie for the very professional, kind, sensitive, and thorough way that she works with people. Students in our class run the gamut of flexibility and strengths and/or limitations, but Stephanie is able to keep the class running smoothly while addressing and encouraging everyone’s particular needs. Several people in class are elderly and have long time difficulties. Stephanie is able to help each person strive for and get closer to their potential. She has developed a loyal following, because of the excellent work she is doing. She is very much appreciated.”

Donna C.