Meet Stephanie


Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t fix you because you are not broken.  Underneath it all you are already healthy, strong, resilient, intelligent and inspired – which is what you are connecting with when you work with me at Alignment First.

Through hands-on bodywork and movement education, I help you find areas of your body in which you have not been aware, places where you hold excess tension or places where you do not have enough tone and stability to feel supported.  I help you identify movement and postural patterns that get you into trouble and together we find ways of moving, standing, sitting, exercising, and working that are more efficient, effective and in harmony with gravity and the world around you.

Pain is not purely physical.  Pain is a message from your body to wake-up and make a change in your life.  Sometimes that change is a physical habit, or sometimes you require expressing an emotion or thought, or you need to renegotiate a personal relationship.  My work empowers you to identify what you need to change and how you can move forward in your life.

My goal is that every person know, feel and live a vibrant and healthy life. In addition to getting people “out-of-pain” and back into enjoying their favorite activities, I empower people with self care tools and I teach them how to best sit, stand and move so they can feel great in their bodies every day. I believe when people are more aligned, aware and embodied, they treat themselves and the world around them better — with more love, compassion and peace.

image-5Born into a family of medical doctors and scientists, Stephanie grew up with a commitment to service and community health. A former Ivy-League champion women’s soccer player at Dartmouth College, Stephanie’s athletic training fueled her inquiry into what allows the body to move, heal and thrive.

Her quest for optimal health led her to become a certified Yoga Instructor specializing in therapeutics and attain National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 2005. Her continued commitment to understanding why the body does what it does in terms of movement, posture and function has led her to advanced bodywork and movement certifications in Structural Integration (created by Dr. Ida Rolf) and Aston-Patterning, along with many forms of therapeutic yoga, corrective exercise, breathwork, meditation, body language, communication and mindfulness practices.  She is currently pursuing her doctorate at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA.


image-7Integrative anatomy, fascia bodywork, and movement education
are Stephanie’s specialties, and together they form the foundation for Alignment First. Clients have found a resource in Stephanie’s diverse background and her wealth of knowledge in adjunctive therapies. Beyond her training, Stephanie brings a true passion and spiritedness to her work and her connection with clients.